Happy Dussehra to all of you!

I would like to share my experiences of  dusserha this year.

My mother bought a Paper craft kit for making the effigy of Ravan. The kit was called ” MAKE YOUR OWN RAVANNA”. It consisted of printed snd perforated cutouts for various parts of Ravan’s body and dress and accessories made on card paper. It also had the instructions how they should be joined together to give a 3 dimensional model of the Ravan’s effigy.

It took me aquite some time to put this together. Whew! It was so complicated! My mom helped me out in the really small parts and tricky areas 🙂

My Nanaji said, ” Why are you making Raavan? Make Rama instead!” 🙂  🙂  🙂

But at last, after much struggle with fevicol, feviquick stapler and cello tape , our Raavan was ready…………..


Look at the way he is laughing!!!!! He has no idea that he has been created only to be destroyed!!!!!

At night, I had to do what I wasn’t willing to do……. I had to burn my Raavan! 😦  😦

You only tell why would I burn it? After so much efffort and struggle I made this masterpiece………

Well, look at the head on the right hand side!!… They have  tilted a bit 

 I think it too was sad that it was about to be burned.


Here I am, burning something that I had myself put together with my hardwork.

But Hey! It WAS fun to burn it!!
Burn Ravan! Burn!


when it caught fire, it burnt firecely and toppled over!!!

………. It was fun watching it burn!!!

Burn Raavan burn!! And take all the evils of this world with you.

Bye Bye Raavan!!!!

Bye Ravan!!!


I really love to go for vacations. I have been to lots of places like, Shimla, Srinagar, Singapore, Goa, Mussorie, Malaysia, Lucknow etc. But the most peaceful, pleasurable, joy giving place was Nainital in Uttranchal. I will never forget the pleasure I got there.

This place has its own natural beauty. This hill station in Kumaon has a beautiful lake surrounded by green mountains covered by Pine and Deodar trees. Our rest house was situated just in front of the Naini Lake. We did boating in Bhimtal, Sat-tal, Naini Lake and Naukuchiatal. There were some little tadpoles which could be seen from the surface of the water. We went to the Snow view to see the snow-caped mountains but, because there were thick clouds we couldn’t see the mountains. Everyday we used to take a walk at the Flats and Mall Road. We also did yachting in the Naini Lake which was a very thrilling experience.

The most interesting thing about this place is that it is the birthplace of my mother & we went there on the occasion of her birthday. We visited the hospital in which she was born, the house in which she lived as a child and the school in which she started her schooling. It was a very memorable trip for me.

I would suggest you all to go to Nainital and have fun there.