I spoke about this book for  our English Activity for FA 2. The topic was A PERSON/INCIDENT/BOOK THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE

When I first picked up this book, about a year ago, I really had no idea of the horror and despair it contained within.

Anne Frank was a thirteen year old German Jew. She was just about my age when she went into hiding from the Nazis and started writing this diary and penning down her dreadful experiences. She wrote about all the sufferings and how her family were all isolated in their “Secret Annexe” for 2-3 years.

The diary was full of dreadful facts but the most shocking thing I found was the amount of support that Hitler had managed to gather. I was astonished at the fact that so many people believed that Hitler would restore Germany’s lost glory and bring prosperity by eliminating the Jews and other “undesirables”.

Anne’s Secret Annexe was finally found out and they were deported off to concentration camp where Anne, her mother and her sister Margot died. However her father Otto Frank survived and he published his daughter’s secret diary.

This book affected my thinking so much that I was unable to get it out of mind after days.

Nowadays we enjoy so many rights whereas there where this communities who were denied even the right to life. I felt grateful and blessed to have such a life. This book shows the importance of a democratic society and a society free of discrimination.

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