The Liebster Award!!!

I am sooo happy!!! I have been given a blogger appreciation award, the Liebster Award. Thank You soo much Deepa Aunty 🙂 🙂

Liebster is German, for beloved or dearest….

Here are the questions you asked with their answers….

 1. Describe yourself in one sentence.

Ans- I am a talkative, confused teen who loves fun and meeting new people and making friends.

2. Of all the posts on your blog, which is your favourite?

Ans- My favourite posts are my story series of  ‘In The Solar System’ because it is my first blog post and after I wrote these stories, my mom decided that I should have a blog of my own instead of writing on her blog.

3. Of all the books you have read so far, which is your favourite?

Ans- Well.. uhmm.. thats a difficult one. But I guess, it’s The Bracelet by Ishaan Lalit.

4. Do you have a favourite celebrity? Who is it and why?

Ans- I like Aamir Khan because his acting is natural and he also works for a social cause.

5. What do you dream of doing someday?

Ans- I want to become a good Indian and help in it’s progress. 🙂

6. If you could go to any place in the world, which would it be?

Ans- Venice, Switzerland, Vatican City and Paris!!

7. What’s your favourite part about a train/plane journey?

Ans- My favourite part about a train journey is meeting new people and enjoying the beautiful view outside 🙂 ( and also the way the train staff treats us ’cause my dad’s a railway officer :P)

8. What is one thing that you do not like about school?

Ans- Nothing! I love my school and everything about it. 🙂

9. What’s the best gift you ever received?

Ans- uhmm…. Actually I cherish each and every gift I receive. 😀

10. Share a joke!

Ans- Can February March?? No, but April May. 😛


6 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!!!

  1. Thank you for those answers! I had a fun time reading those. You know when I read the first answer, I was so reminded of myself in my teens! 🙂 If I had been in my teens, I would have probably given the same answer! 🙂 And with A2, I am glad that you did start your own blog! 🙂 Keep it going!I haven’t read Bracelet but I probably will sometime! And Amir Khan’s one of my favourites too! I can see myself relating to and nodding my head in agreement so many answers, it’s uncanny 🙂 Loved the joke, and there’s no restriction! I asked for one, but if you want to share more, feel free! I am sure anyone coming to the blog would like to read those! I had fun knowing you Shreeya! Best wishes for everything ahead!

    • Thank you… 🙂 I am glad you liked my answers 🙂
      Your award and encouragement has motivated me to write more on my blog… 🙂 😀
      And I also love knowing you Aunty 🙂 Do keep in touch… 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Shreeya
    Somebody directed me to your blog post. Congratulations on the Award and I hope many more of them find their way to you.
    Thank you for reading my book and I am glad you liked it.
    I hope you like the next ones which are coming out this year.
    Ishaan Lalit

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