BOOK REVIEW – Horrible Histories: Rotten Rulers

I have read many of the books in the Horrible series-Horrible Science and Horrible Histories.

This book Horrible Histories-Rotten Rulers is about the terrible and “rotten” rulers that the world has had.

“Some of the most horrible people in history have been the people in charge. The bosses. The rulers. The emperors, kings and queens, warlords and… not to forget History Teachers :P”

This book talks about all of them… horrid, cruel, selfish rulers.

Mad… mad…MAD rulers!!!!

Now here’s a nice example:

King Ott of Bavaria(1848 – 1913). He was mad. He believed the best way to Stop himself going mad was to shoot a peasant everyday!! At the beginning he missed the shoot. But then he started to get better with his aim… His ministers came with clever plan- they would load the king’s pistol with blanks and then the peasants will have to play dead when they heard the shoots.

Rotten rulers who made up some pretty rotten rules…

Emperor Li Yaun Ho was a Tibetan chief. Li wanted his men to look different from the other Chinese, so he ordered them to shave their heads except for a fringe at the front. They had three days to comply, after which they would be executed. Sort of chop or be chopped.

Foodie Rotten rulers with rotten tastes…

 Emperor Shih Hu of China( ruled AD 334-349)

Lots of men like to take woman friends out for dinner… Emperor Shih Hu liked to have a girlfriend for dinner too. The difference with Shih Hu’s girlfriend was that she WAS the dinner.   At a big feast he would have a girl beheaded and cooked. Then her head was passed around the table. He wanted to show his guests how lucky they were. He was saying: “ See? I din’t serve up an ugly one. You are eating one of the prettiest of all my girls. You are lucky.”

These are some of the Rotten rulers… many others are mentioned in the book…some really rotten rulers!!!

I loved this book (not mentioning the rotten food habits of the rulers… they caused me stomach upsets…)


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