Night Full Of Lights….

Happy Diwali to everyone!!!!

On this Diwali I am sending you CASH:


Please do accept with love… And I hope you had a colorful and safe Diwali!!

This Diwali I thought of doing something “special”. I made diyas from melted wax on chotti Diwali and gifted them to my bua…

home made diyas

It was really fun making these candles… First I made a hole in the bottom of the mould and inserted the wick through it the way it was instructed in the kit, then I melted the wax.  I applied a little oil in the moulds so that the diya would come out neatly later on. I then poured the melted wax into the candle moulds… Then I left it to cool down… It came out very lovely…

homemade candles

I then decided to gift it to my aunt… I put the candles into a box (I also put bubble-wrap to give it a professional look :P) and decorated the box. my bua was very happy to get this gift… 🙂 🙂

I also made rangoli 🙂 and I have clicked a lot of pictures as well. I will share them with you soon….maybe tomorrow…. so keep watching 🙂 🙂 🙂


2 thoughts on “Night Full Of Lights….

  1. Loving the gift f CASH and the molded candles too. Waiting for the rangoli pictures now 🙂
    Wishing you a happy diwali too.

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