Photo #1- Ancient Indian Coin

Ancient Indian Coin, National Museum, New Delhi

8 thoughts on “Photo #1- Ancient Indian Coin

    • I am not sure which period this is from but my Mom tells me that perhaps this is from the Gupta Period. We will have to visit the museum once again to make sure.I had taken this photo when I had gone to the Museum during my summer vacations in June 2010. But at that time I did not know anything about Indian History. I saw everything and everything looked interesting So I clicked lots of photos 🙂 🙂 but I did not understand too much, 😦 This year in school, we have studied a little bit of Indian history from Indus Valley civilisation to The Gupta Empire. So now when I will go to the museum, I will enjoy it even more 🙂

  1. The green painting you mentioned about is a legend par mystical. Its Swami Haridas preaching Tansen whilst Emperor Akbar watches in awe. Swami Haridas was also the Guru of Baiju Bawara.
    Nevertheless, nice article. Btw, do you know where one could buy a copy of this painting ?

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