My Rangoli


  Diwali is such a lot of  FUN 🙂 🙂 🙂

I like Diwali very much. This year I am very happy for two reasons….

First is that I made this Rangoli. 🙂 I needed only little help from my mom.

and the second reason for my happiness is that I decided not to burst crackers this year because crackers cause such a lot of air and noise pollution. Look at this picture which I took after we had lighted the candles and diyas outside our home. you can see that the air is filled with smoke!!! 😦

We should burst as few crackers as possible. Diwali is a beautiful festival…let us keep it beautiful 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Rangoli

  1. Hi Shreeya…
    this rangoli looks huge and really beautiful . the flowers on the border and the candles floating in the glass look so beautiful.

    Great that you decided against firecrackers , i was thinking they should be banned actually . This diwali it was particularly more smoke filled , it was suffocating outside .

    Wishing you all the happiness you wish for ….for ever !!!

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