Enchanted Woods-2 …. SNAKEY

Hello! friends nice to meet you again. I hope you all went to the enchanted woods and met the CROCOION. Well, today we will meet an another amazing animal.

I crossed a really amazing animal. And really I was so much amazed to see this animal that I gave it a very funny name – ‘SNAKEY’. I named it snakey as this animal had a monkey’s face and ears, but it has got a snake’s tongue. The body also looks like a snake, with a long tail and no legs.

Snakeys are very silly animals and they like squeezing bananas with their bodies and eat it later.

When I met this animal he said to me, “Ym eman si………………ho ym dog!!! I I t’nod wonk!! od ouy wonk ym eman?” Actually,he had meant to say that,” My name is…………….oH my GOD!!!!l I don’t know!!!! do you know my name?” 

Isn’t he funny and silly???????haha hahah ha…..


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