Hello! Friends, Uncles & Aunties………… amazed with the title???? What and where is ENCHANTED WOODS ? I will take you there and have fun  but first lets know about this wonderful and amazing place……….      

 The most Spectacular place in the whole Universe is the Wonderland in the Galaxy nearest to the Solar System. And the most spectacular place IN WONDERLAND is the Enchanted Woods. I really love going there. What? Can’t understand how to I go  and how can you go there???       

Well….. It’s very simple …. Just close your eyes and belive firmly that you are there…….. and then the real magic will transport you in the woods.       


     This beautiful place is made by the most kind and lovely Garden fairies. It is situated  near the beautiful Lake Balsas and this lake was  made by the most appreciable Water fairies. 



Okay friends now let us go and take a walk in the Woods. And… who knows that when we will come across some amazing animals……..      CROCOION    

While taking a walk in the woods, I came across an amazing animal . I couldn’t figure out whether it was a lion or a crocodile as it had a face of a lion and the body and tail of a crocodile!! I was confused but, the dwarfs told me that this animal was a ‘Crocoion’        

  This animal  not only sounds amazing but has really many amazing features …………!!!!   This animal loves to eat deer but can eat anything…… anything means anything ………. yes even a refrigerator, so Beware that it does not enter your house and eat your bed, table etc.!!!!! The males of this specie are a bit lazy and depend on the females for many a things (like lions).The females and the males kill their prey with their tail (like a crocodile)…… where as the cubs who love this game of hunting jump upon the prey and kill it (like a lion) .       

   Doesn’t it sounds amazing!!!        

 I think you all should also go and with the help of the friendly dwarfs find the Crocoions and admire them.