Life Begins on Earth

 Pluto was having fun time along with his new friends.

Just then Lord Brahma along with some other Gods came there & stopped their conversations.

“Lord, why have you come here?” worried Earth asked.

“Child, we have come to give you a gift” said Vishnu ji.

“Gift?” asked all the planets who were astonished.

Brahma ji added,” Yes, dear Earth, I am sending life on you. For its survival, I am gifting you a thick layer of atmosphere containing gases like oxygen & carbon dioxide etc and water, trees etc and many different types of creatures will come and live on you. Can we trust you?”

 Earth was very happy and proud that out of all the nine planets, only she was selected for this important task!!! So she said,” My lord, you can trust me. I will be grateful for this gift. I promise you that I will take care of the entire species well.” All the Gods were very happy and after giving their blessings to Earth, they vanished.

Everything happened as the Gods had told Earth. The Earth had so much water in its seas, oceans, that all her friends started calling her the Blue Planet.

In the beginning, Earth and the humans lived happily but slowly the humans became careless & selfish. And as a result the Ozone layer was destroyed and the Earth was also harmed in many other ways. 😦 😦 😦 

All the planets were very worried about what to do? Earth was in such a big danger! They discussed about it all the time.

The Sun said,” I am very angry, I will not let even a small ray of myself come out and reach the Earth.”

“But dear Sun, we should punish the wicked humans but not in this way. Because, if not even a ray will come out of you, we all will also die & even you will blast off!!” said Mercury.

 ”Friends, I am seriously speaking that the humans were good enough in the Stone Age.” said Pluto. “They have not used their intelligence well.”

The whole solar system criticized the humans. But Jupiter had a kind heart and thought that the humans will improve.

Once an asteroid became very angry at the humans and wanted to strike on the Earth and destroy the humans. So he set off to do it.

But Jupiter came in between to stop him with the help of his strong gravitational field. The asteroid could not escape from Jupiter’s gravity& was forcefully pulled towards Jupiter& hit him which caused the red spot on the giant planet, Jupiter.

Angrily he said,” Fool, can you see this big spot? Tell me whether you went to destroy the humans or the Earth? I am not angry with you for this spot but for your foolishness of not thinking of what harm you would have caused on Earth.”

The asteroid understood his fault and sought forgiveness from Jupiter and Earth and sadly went back to the place where it stood shame-facedly.

     From this sacrifice of Jupiter we should learn that ‘ Earth is our home’ and we fools are destroying it ourselves!!!

 We should save it, not destroy it!!!



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