The planets wanted to teach the humans a lesson. One asteroid  became very angry  at the humans and said, “Enough is enough. I will strike into the Earth and I am going to destroy the humans right now!!…they are NEVER going to improve themselves!!!.” 

None of the planets stopped him ……not even Jupiter!!! 

They even said ,” Go asteroid and come back only after gaining victory!”

Meanwhile , the scientists on the Earth discovered that a giant asteroid is coming towards them. They became very worried and thought that life on the Earth will be finished in four /five years from now!!! 

” How to save the plants, animals, birds, and ourselves? ” asked one of the scientist in a meeting which was held on this topic.

One day an announcement spread in the whole world that——‘ the scientists need a volunteer who would go in the space & destroy that giant asteroid’.

No one was  brave enough but one poor and old carpenter agreed to do this and put his life in danger.

Only in one week his training was over. He along with two of his friends and a well trained pilot went on their dangerous journey.

The asteroid was very much far from the Earth.  On their journey they met the different planets who told them why the asteroid is coming towards the Earth. the carpenter said to the Sun,” I am helpless Sun. What can we do????  . we will have to destroy that asteroid as we we have to save our lives. But keep faith on me, oh mighty Sun.I will make the humans realize their mistake.”

Just then they saw the asteroid coming towards their spacecraft.The planets tried to stop the asteroid,  the asteroid too wanted to stop, but he could not because his speed was too fast!!! He said, ” Please you destroy me . If you will not do so you will be dead. And about me? I will be reborn.” 

 For a moment the carpenter refused to do so  but all the other planets also agreed with what the asteroid had said .When they also forced him to do so the three friends went out of the spacecraft leaving the pilot inside.

They together, made a big hole in the asteroid and put a nuclear bomb in it. then they swiftly ran back to their space craft . 

After a few minutes  the bomb blasted and the asteroid was finished!!a while later he was reborn!! He returned to his place. The carpenter thanked the planets and the asteroid and returned to the Earth.

They all were warmly welcomed.The Carpenter told the humans what all happened in the space. He told everything that the planets and the Sun had told him. Humans were begining to realise how much damage they had been doing to the Earth!!!

 He also said,” You call the Earth your mother Earth, right? But do you know that you never show her any respect, care or love that  your Mother Earth deserves!!! Can you tell me what have YOU done for all the love and care your mother Earth has given you???”

After this the humans started improving themselves. Seeing this improvement, the planets were very happy and never forget to thank the kind  carpenter !!! Now the planets never criticized the humans!! The humans also lived happily!!!

        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   😀      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   😀   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Humans continued their progress in the field of science & technology.     They were still criticized by each  and every object in the solar system. As Ihave told you that Jupiter had a hope that   humans will realize their mistake &  improve theirselves, so he never criticized the humans.

The solar system was unaware of what these scientists were planing to do to their most dearest friend and the last planet, Pluto.

 Scientists observed that Pluto was much too small to be classified as a planet!!

On the Earth  the scientists were trapped in a big web . they could not decide what to do about Pluto.  

In the solar system, a river of bad words against the humans was flowing continuously. The humans never got any knowledge of all this.

   The clever Sun had appointed a cloud to give them the information of what all was happening onthe Earth.   Once the cloud messenger who was very worried came to him. Seeing how worried he was Sun asked,” Dear cloud, what has happened ? Why are you so much worried ? What is happening on the Earth? Is every thing alright ?’

” No …….no your majesty,…….. the humans ……have made an announcement……… that ……….. that…..our pluto………………… no longer a………..a………. planet!!” The cloud said in tears. 😦   😦  😦

The solar system went so dumbfounded as a statue . Just then cries from Jupiter were heard,”I am really sorry friends, that I said that humans are good. I was wrong They are the worse than the worst……….”    

Poor Pluto was as quite as if he was dead!!!!!

  Well, god knows what all pains & sufferings Pluto  was going through at that moment. 😦  😦  😦  😦


Life Begins on Earth

 Pluto was having fun time along with his new friends.

Just then Lord Brahma along with some other Gods came there & stopped their conversations.

“Lord, why have you come here?” worried Earth asked.

“Child, we have come to give you a gift” said Vishnu ji.

“Gift?” asked all the planets who were astonished.

Brahma ji added,” Yes, dear Earth, I am sending life on you. For its survival, I am gifting you a thick layer of atmosphere containing gases like oxygen & carbon dioxide etc and water, trees etc and many different types of creatures will come and live on you. Can we trust you?”

 Earth was very happy and proud that out of all the nine planets, only she was selected for this important task!!! So she said,” My lord, you can trust me. I will be grateful for this gift. I promise you that I will take care of the entire species well.” All the Gods were very happy and after giving their blessings to Earth, they vanished.

Everything happened as the Gods had told Earth. The Earth had so much water in its seas, oceans, that all her friends started calling her the Blue Planet.

In the beginning, Earth and the humans lived happily but slowly the humans became careless & selfish. And as a result the Ozone layer was destroyed and the Earth was also harmed in many other ways. 😦 😦 😦 

All the planets were very worried about what to do? Earth was in such a big danger! They discussed about it all the time.

The Sun said,” I am very angry, I will not let even a small ray of myself come out and reach the Earth.”

“But dear Sun, we should punish the wicked humans but not in this way. Because, if not even a ray will come out of you, we all will also die & even you will blast off!!” said Mercury.

 ”Friends, I am seriously speaking that the humans were good enough in the Stone Age.” said Pluto. “They have not used their intelligence well.”

The whole solar system criticized the humans. But Jupiter had a kind heart and thought that the humans will improve.

Once an asteroid became very angry at the humans and wanted to strike on the Earth and destroy the humans. So he set off to do it.

But Jupiter came in between to stop him with the help of his strong gravitational field. The asteroid could not escape from Jupiter’s gravity& was forcefully pulled towards Jupiter& hit him which caused the red spot on the giant planet, Jupiter.

Angrily he said,” Fool, can you see this big spot? Tell me whether you went to destroy the humans or the Earth? I am not angry with you for this spot but for your foolishness of not thinking of what harm you would have caused on Earth.”

The asteroid understood his fault and sought forgiveness from Jupiter and Earth and sadly went back to the place where it stood shame-facedly.

     From this sacrifice of Jupiter we should learn that ‘ Earth is our home’ and we fools are destroying it ourselves!!!

 We should save it, not destroy it!!!




Many thousand years back………. every object in the solar system talked and all the planets, Sun, and other objects were great friends! Till that time Pluto had not taken birth & Earth also had no life on it. The time spent peacefully.

One day as usual the solar system was filled with laughter, when, an asteroid of some other galaxy came this way. And by chance hit on one of the moons of the last planet, Neptune.As a result the moon broke into many big & small pieces .One of the pieces flew and settled far away.

All this happened so fast that no one could make out what had happened!!!

But Sun said,” My dear friends, there’s nothing to panic about. He is our new friend & a new member in the solar system!!!!

The planets asked, ” What are we going to call him???

Sun thought for some minutes”……..Hmmm……!!!”

 And then he said,”I got it!!! We are going to call him  Pluto!!!! Welcome to our family, dear little Pluto!”

  😀 😀 😀

Pluto was made the member of the solar system. He was taught how to rotate and revolve. All the planets became his friends!!!                    

 And thus was the ‘ birth of Pluto’    

😀 😀 😀